MY Graphic Novel Starring Me, Me, Me-ow, SPAM!

My dear furrriend Karen Gillmore has created a brilliant graphic novel starring none other than meow! SPAM AND THE SASQUATCH is full of adventure, danger, heartbreak and romance! Mom wrote the story and then Miss Karen DREW the story and colored it and put in word balloons and all the stuff to make it come to life. She promises soon to do a Kickstarter so she can make lots of copies for everybody else to have, but gave meow one to sleep on, so I can read it through my tummy. spamandsasquatch

4 responses to “MY Graphic Novel Starring Me, Me, Me-ow, SPAM!

  1. Wow lovely cover too!

  2. Thank mew! I am tickled stripeless at how good we all look. Spam

  3. Reblogged this on Karen Gillmore Art and commented:
    My friend Spam the Cat has his own page, and is delighted about the (almost finished) graphic novel!

  4. Ooooh! I love the art, really brings the characters to life! I can’t wait, I mean, I CAN’T WAIT until I can get one of these!!!!! Meow!

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