Intermewing BIONIC BASIL

Interviewing BIONIC BASIL


Elizabeth Ann Scarborough and K.B. Dundee

K.B.: I just read a great cat thriller/mystery/spy adventure called BASIL THE BIONIC CAT typed by Basil’s resident human, Cathrine Garnell. It is a fast moving, funny, well-plotted story with great characters and the goofy charm of some English cozy murder mysteries. Of course, it is all the more charming because of the most important character in the story, Basil, who in the course of the story becomes a bionic/organic cat, or is it an organic/bionic cat?

Cathrine here. I’ll just quickly clarify the: ‘bionic/organic cat, or is it an organic/bionic cat?’   The correct term for Basil’s new state of being is: Organic-Bionic and means that while he is virtually indestructible Basil still remains all soft, fluffy, cuddly and cute.  So Basil has super bionic strength and abilities but without any metal enhancements. Cool or what!

K.B. Basil, can you tell our readers a bit about how you came to be transformed from a normal, albeit an exceptionally attractive, intelligent, sweet tempered and beloved moggy to Bionic Basil? Without giving away too much of the story, of course.

Basil: K.B. you flatter me (*blush*), if it wasn’t for a Dim-witted Ex-Laboratory Mouse called Dwayne, I would have never become a Super Cat.  It was because of Dwayne’s inept escape and his supreme lack of direction that he ended up in my owner’s, Mr. P.’s, home laboratory in the basement and where the incident occurred, after which I evolved into Bionic Basil. As you can tell I’m trying not to give too much away.

K.B.: This question is for your sister, Posie. Posie, how did your relationship with Basil change once he became bionic? Did it make you want to be bionic too?

Posie: Well, K.B., I can safely say that I’m very relieved not to be Organic-Bionic, because in my opinion you can’t improve on purrfection! MOL!!  My relationship with Basil has always been superb, and without inflating his ego, he has always been exceptionally kind, thoughtful and caring.  But I digress. I started noticing little things after he first became Organic-Bionic, his claws for a start, wow, you should see them now!  Mr. P. and Huxley even constructed a metal scratch post for him in the garden, and the phrase ‘My, what big teeth you have’ is also an understatement too.  But after all, he is still my big bro Basil and I owe him my life, and even if he had three heads and a barbed tail (which he doesn’t, I hasten to add) I’d still love him no matter what!

K.B.: Your bionic powers weren’t the only thing that allowed you to help your humans. What natural cat skills did you employ throughout this episode to protect them?

Basil: Without sounding like I’m blowing my own trumpet, (I don’t actually play any musical instruments, just to clear that up.)  I’ve always been a smart kitty, I spend a lot of time with Mr.P. in his Laboratory, so I know a little science too. I’m also an excellent judge of character, as most felines are, and with my natural cat abilities and senses, i.e: sight, hearing, touch, taste, athletic endurance, agility and my added talent of rationality and reasoning helped tremendously.  After my unexpected transformation all my natural abilities were super enhanced, but you’ll have to read the book to learn about them all, as I’m sure we don’t have enough space here.  Plus I have my routine of daily Kitty Patrols to make certain that nothing was amiss around Wildgust Manor.  Security of all perimeters is paramount; guard your territory at all times is my motto.

K.B. Your favorite children are twin girls, isn’t that right? And at some point, they brought in special mice you were not allowed to eat. How did the mice figure into your story? Were they in your way or did they help you or did they just make you hungry?

Basil: Yes, K.B., you’re absolutely right, I love the twins, Amber and Suzy. They spoil me so much, toys, catnip, pats on tap, you know a kitty like me couldn’t ask for more.  The twins rescued the mice after a prank went wrong and the seven of them ended up living in a monster mouse mansion in the twins closet. As for the mice helping me, they provided me with much amusement, especially Dwayne, he is a true Mouseketeer if ever there was one, and no, they didn’t make me hungry, as one should never eat their furriends, it is a very strict code I live by, however Posie would beg to differ on occasion, but she has good reason for that.

K.B. Tell us a little about your human family and friends, please.

Basil:  Mr and Mrs Pilkington, or Mr. and Mrs. P. as I affectionately refer to them, are like my human parents, and Amber and Suzy’s mother and father.  Aunty Elsie is Mrs. P.’s Aunt who lives with us too, she likes a little tipple of sherry at teatime, (or anytime for that matter) but don’t tell anyone I said that!  Huxley Balmpot is Mr. P.’s very good friend and visits us quite often; he was quite renowned in the scientific world before his retirement.  Fred Bottner, once the evil nemesis of the twins, ends up a regular visitor to Wildgust Manor after a truce is agreed.

K.B. At the beginning of the story, Posie didn’t live with you.  How did you manage saving England and the world as we know it while trying to raise a kid sister?

Basil:  You are absolutely right, K.B. Posie didn’t appear till later in the story, however she was the least of my worries after what happened.  In fact she helped me quite considerably during my madcap adventure.  I know she can be a bit ditsy at times, but I wouldn’t swap her for all the catnip in the cosmos!

K.B. What can you tell us about the people who tried to destroy you and your family? Why do you think they did such a thing?

Basil: Ah, the psyche of the criminal mind is a very complex one, and these villains were no exception.  They were from an Eastern European country (their accent gave them away) these guys were BAD!  They were after a Top Secret Experiment that, in the wrong hands would have proved a disaster.  That’s why it was Top Secret!  And they were going to stop at nothing to get their grubby little mittens on it, the double dealings, double crosses and dastardly deeds which ensued from their evil plans were quite horrendous and the only reason that these villainous types do things like this is out of greed.  It was all for money, power and glory, something we cats don’t care for.

K.B. Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about your story? And, oh yes, please tell us where we can buy it! It was a very fun book!

Basil:  Well, summed up in a nutshell, and by the way, it’s a good job Posie is not listening because she would be accusing me of calling her a ‘Nut in a Shell’ again!

So in summary: Basil the Bionic Cat is the first published book in the series, featuring Basil and friends in a non-stop thrilling action adventure of nutty professors, industrial espionage, kidnap, insane plants, secret laboratories, gadgets galore and big explosions, in a mad dash around Europe!

This exciting and often hilarious novel is aimed at children aged 8 and up but would especially appeal to anyone who has ever owned a cat!  A real rip-roaring, page turning and plot guessing adventure, definitely not to be missed.

And thank you furry much, K.B., for taking the time out of your busy schedule to interview me, it’s greatly appurrreciated, many purrs of gratitude. 

Basil aka Basil the Bionic Cat


You can Buy Basil the Bionic Cat on the Interwebs as a Hard Back or Kindle Edition Here:

You can also find me, Basil, on the Interwebs Here:

Official Website:   







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  1. Sounds like a fun read. Thank you KB

  2. Brilliant ‘intermew!’ Can’t wait to read more…

    I am now following your blog with the networked blog thing…


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